Farmers Exchange Carrollton Waynesburg


The Carrollton Farmers Exchange Company was established in 1920 by local farmers who wanted a dependable farm supply business within the community. Initially, the company bought and sold such items as feed, hay, grain, building material, implements, coal, fertilizer, seed, livestock and produce. In fact, Farmers Exchange once owned a lumber company and a concrete plant. The company is currently owned by approximately 125 local shareholders.

During the 1980’s the company made a substantial investment in the present feed mill and in 2002 a new Drive-Thru facility was constructed and opened in Waynesburg. In the fall of 2013 a new 1,100 ton dry fertilizer and 44,000 gallon liquid fertilizer plant was built to better serve local agronomy needs. A bulk chemical facility is currently under construction to better serve our customers chemical needs.

Today, the company handles many agricultural products such as bagged and bulk locally manufactured feed, Sunshine Mills Pet and Tribute Horse Feeds, bagged and bulk fertilizer, Kalmbach bagged and bulk feed, Dekalb and Asgrow seed corn and soybeans, fence, ag chemicals, livestock equipment and hay storage products such as sisal and plastic twine, net wrap and bale wrap. Additional homeowner items handled include; lawn and garden supplies including bulk vegetables seeds, mulch, wildlife feed and seed plot mixes, animal and pet bedding, hardwood stove pellets, Eco-Bricks, a compressed, hardwood, stove or fireplace burning brick made out of hardwood sawdust.

Pro’s Choice Athletic Field and White Line Athletic Products were added to the meet the needs of schools, parks, and local athletic clubs. Pool chemicals and supplies as well as computerized pool water testing is now available at the Farmers Exchange Drive-Thru in Waynesburg.

Farmers Exchange offers bagged and bulk feed and fertilizer delivery services, custom feed manufacturing, and bi-weekly delivery routes serving Carroll and surrounding counties of Stark, Columbiana, Jefferson, Harrison and Tuscarawas. The company also has 8 bulk dry fertilizer spreaders that may be rented for bulk fertilizer application.

Currently, Farmers Exchange employs 15 full-time employees and several part-time employees. The company purchases approximately 150,000 bushels of locally produced grain for use in our feed manufacturing business.